Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i ruin my life. did i?
i never know what i want. i never understand my intention.
did i ruin my life? i dont use a drug, even i dont smoke. i dont have diverge community, i'm free agent.
i'm good in agility. i'm good in humors. i'm have loud laugh, even laugh at my life.
did i ruin my life? for the fact, i detach my job, my passion, my story, my destiny and my half soul. and i dont take it back, that should be i take back. oh yes i ruin my life!

...i guess i'm not. i dont ruin my life! i have hope! i'll take back all mine. maybe just my half soul. i can't live without "it". i'm ruin my life if i don't hope anymore for 'her'! i'll keep waiting and dont want to ruin my life. kau.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



ga pernah lupa, semenitpun!